Another Great Event...

The 12th Annual WACKY Charity Cancer
Softball Tournament.

When: September 13th and 14th, 2019
All money raised will benefit both childhood cancer research and outdoor adventure camps for young adult cancer survivors.

A special thank you to all our participants, parents, family members, coaches, Desert Peak Complex, umpires, and especially, our cancer cuties.


12U: Heat '08 - 1st place and Utah Rush - 2nd place
14U: Heat '06 - 1st place and Firecrackers 2nd place
16U: UFC Baker - 1st place and Bad to the Bone - 2nd place

We had two fun-filled days, with wacky teams and their wacky cuties.
I mentioned to a coach that this is one of those events when our Wacky group of volunteers, field crew and umpires are grateful,
the teams, coaches and parents are grateful,
and the cuties and their families are grateful!
The weather even cooperated this year, haha!

Thank you to everyone that participated; it was an absolute "home run" event!
Lots of silliness and lots of tears from the tender moments, and a few hiccups for balance.
Everyone left exhausted with a full heart. It was perfect!

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